How “Before I Fall” changed my week…

before i fall

I started Before I Fall seven days ago….how ironic.

I was already a fan of Lauren Oliver after reading 2/3 of her Delirium series (just waiting on my turn on the third book), so when I heard that Oliver’s debut novel was a must, this self-proclaimed YA addict jumped right in.

Before I fall follows Sam, the girl who has everything: looks, the perfect boyfriend and popularity. What she does’t realize, is that on February 12th when she wakes up and heads to school, it’s her last…everything….last day at school, last Friday, last hang-out with her besties. But when Sam wakes up to her alarm the next morning, and realizes it’s February 12th AGAIN….things get messy…for the next seven days.

I will admit, the thought of reading through a modern-day version of Groundhog Day – except filled with teenage angst and antics – did not bode well with me. But, I told myself to at least get through day 2….and thank god I did!

What Oliver delivers is a medium for people to take a closer look at their own lives. Deep…I know. But after reading through Sam’s “final” seven days, and being shocked – because let’s face it, I thought for sure I knew the ending before it ever really began – I found myself wondering what I would have done or changed….what actions do I take everyday that could possibility have an impact on another person’s day or life, without even realizing it.

I found myself smiling at strangers, holding doors open for others, not rushing to be the next in line….because, does it really matter if I get my coffee before John Doe?

So, if you have a few days and want some fantastic YA fiction to help pass the time, take Before I fall out for a spin….I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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